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#1287182 alkamar4trading from Yemen Amanat al 'Asimah asks

Request #1287182
Created 13-02-2024
Status Active
Ship To Yemen
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Brand Part No Description Qty
Caterpillar 5348492 ELBOW 1
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Parts request Caterpillar:

Request #1294857  Colombia Quindio 25-02-2024
9T5743 Caterpillar PUMP GP-PISTON
Request #1294822  United States of America Texas 25-02-2024
4656884 Caterpillar PUMP AS
Request #1294812  Dominican Republic La Altagracia 25-02-2024
3320296 Caterpillar SENSOR GP-PRESSURE
Request #1294787  United States of America Louisiana 25-02-2024
1917556 Caterpillar MUFFLER AS
2088900 Caterpillar PIPE AS-EXHAUST
1958485 Caterpillar MANIFOLD-EXHAUST
1514715 Caterpillar GASKET
Request #1294777  United States of America Ohio 25-02-2024
2331639 Caterpillar PLIER SET
Request #1294772  Lithuania Vilniaus apskritis 25-02-2024
Request #1294767  United States of America Maryland 25-02-2024
2134881 Caterpillar PUMP GP-FUEL INJECTION
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